Interim Senior HR Leadership Support

On a select basis, B & M will provide short term Interim CHRO Services.

An Interim CHRO (Chief Human Resources Officer) is a temporary position that is filled by an experienced HR executive who has the skills and knowledge to manage HR operations for an organization during a period of transition or change. This role is temporary, lasting up to 6 months.

The Interim CHRO is responsible for overseeing the HR department and ensuring that all HR operations are running smoothly. This includes managing the recruitment process, employee benefits, training and development, compensation and performance management, and employee relations. The Interim CHRO also plays a key role in implementing changes to HR policies and procedures, and ensuring that the organization is compliant with all relevant HR regulations.

One of the main benefits of an Interim CHRO role is that it allows an organization to bring in an experienced HR executive to manage HR operations during a time of transition or change, until a permanent hire can be hired. It is often needed when given a short notice resignation. This can be particularly beneficial for organizations undergoing a significant change such as a merger or acquisition, or for those experiencing significant growth or downsizing.

The Interim CHRO can bring a fresh perspective to an organization's HR operations, and can help to identify areas for improvement and implement changes that will improve overall performance. They can also provide valuable guidance and support to the HR team, and ensure that the organization is well-positioned for long-term success.

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