Common Questions

Does Angelique provide all B & M’s services directly?

Angelique provides most services directly but also collaborates with colleagues in coaching, consulting, team coaching, facilitation, training, HRIS and labor relations if additional resources are needed due to scheduling or there is client need for more specialized expertise. She ensures that her client’s needs are met.

What industries does she have experience in?

Angelique has a wide range of industry experience in small and large organizations including:

  • Accounting
  • Animal Health
  • Aviation
  • Banking
  • Credit Cards/Private Label
  • Conservation/Environment (nonprofit)
  • Consumer Products
  • Education (nonprofit)
  • Electronics
  • Factory Automation
  • Insurance (Health (Medical and Dental, Life(?), P&C)
  • Pharmaceuticals include sales, research and manufacturing
  • Facilities Services/ Management
  • Healthcare/Healthcare Services
  • Industrial Products/Manufacturing
  • Media Events/Publishing
  • Retail including Online Retail
  • Security
  • Services
  • Technology

What is her coaching philosophy?

Angelique strives to create a safe, comfortable environment where clients can build awareness, gain insight, experiment, and act to achieve their goals. The process involves reflection, trying new ideas and behaviors and action. The client must first slow down to gain awareness, set goals, experiment, change behaviors/habits and act to create changes that enable them to achieve their goals. They slow down at first and then accelerate when they achieve their goals.

Coaching is also goal oriented and time bound, and clients sustain themselves after the coaching period.

What makes a successful coaching experience? 

Clients are very different and all depends on the client’s goals. However, at B & M we generally believe that the elements listed below are critical for success. 

It starts with Client openness and commitment to the process. The client enters coaching with an openness and commitment to change. To achieve this, they are open to sharing, getting feedback, following through on commitments and generally putting in the work to grow.

How much does coaching or consulting cost? Is there an hourly rate?

Coaching packages can be customized to meet the needs of different clients, depending on their goals and preferences. Some common coaching packages include: 

  1. Starter/Spot Coaching Package: A starter package typically includes 3-5 coaching sessions and is designed to help clients get started on their goals. Spot coaching is coaching on issues that clients are experiencing in the moment. 
  2. Standard Package: A standard package typically includes 3 to 6 months of coaching sessions and is designed to help clients achieve a specific goal or outcome. The 3-month package is usually for clients that are clear about their goal/target area for coaching. 
  3. Premium Package: A premium package typically includes 7 to 12 months of coaching sessions, as well as additional resources and support materials. It's designed for clients who want to achieve significant personal or professional growth. 
  4. Group Coaching Package: A group coaching package typically includes a set number of coaching sessions for a group of clients who share a common goal or interest. Group coaching can be more affordable than individual coaching and can provide a supportive community of peers. Packages of 3, 6, or 12 months can be developed based on client needs. 

The cost of coaching packages varies depending on the type and duration of coaching, as well as the expertise of the coach.

Consulting Packages are customized based on the consulting area.

What are the next steps if you want to work with or learn more about B & M’s services?

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